Information Literacy at Appalachian State University

Information Literacy Goals

"Information literacy is a survival skill in the information age."1 The ability to find, evaluate, and use information effectively is an educational goal for every Appalachian State University graduate. 

As an information literate person, an Appalachian graduate:

A. Understands library and information organization and how to find needed information.

  1. Uses services, which are available to assist in locating information.
  2. Identifies potential sources of information.
  3. Understands the basic structure of print and electronic resources, and strategies used to access information from them.
  4. Understands standard terms such as bibliographic citation, periodical index, abstract, etc.
  5. Writes correct bibliographic citations following discipline guidelines.

B.  Knows how to evaluate and use information.

  1. Distinguishes scholarly from popular or biased treatments of a subject.
  2. Determines the quality and usefulness of information based on relevant criteria.
  3. Integrates new information into existing knowledge to enhance critical thinking and problem solving.
  4. Recognizes the ethics of scholarly research, such as providing bibliographic citations for cited material, and respecting intellectual property rights.

C.  Knows the primary body of literature in his/her discipline.

  1. Recognizes that accurate and complete information is basic to intelligent decision-making.
  2. Identifies the major print and electronic information resources in that discipline.
  3. Distinguishes between primary and secondary sources.


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