Room 114 Policies and Procedures

Library room 114 may be scheduled for University administrative, faculty, and staff functions, and for recognized University student groups. This schedule is subject to change based on the Library hours, which vary with holidays, breaks, and Library closings. Events may NOT be scheduled on days or at times the Library is closed.

Scheduling priority exists for use by classes requiring the use of the projection equipment. The room is available for regularly scheduled classes, Monday through Friday and all such classes end by 4:45pm.  Use of the room for regularly scheduled classes 8:00am - 4:45pm are handled through the Dean's office, College of Arts & Science, 265-8629.

Room 114 has fixed, theater seating for a maximum occupancy of 125. The person/organization reserving the room is responsible for assuring that room capacity is not exceeded. Table and chairs may be available for program presenters, but additional audience seating is not available.


The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event due to Library need.

Room access is provided by staff from the 1st floor Service Desk at the time of the event. No keys will be issued for the room.

Completion of the request form does not ensure room availability or event approval.

Room requests are processed in the order they are received.

Please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to event and no less than (2) business days of event.  Request will be processed in a timely manner during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm.  Any request submitted a day prior to or the day of the event will be denied.  

Requests for future semesters by University Faculty and Staff will be processed no more than six months from the requested date and after the library's hours are posted; however, your event may be canceled or denied if the Library has need of the room for an event. 

Requests by Student groups (Groups that are approved and recognized by Student Engagement & Leadership) must be submitted for the current semester only.  Requests for upcoming semesters must be submitted after that semester begins; all other requests will be denied.     

NO Tentative reservations/requests are approved.

A minimum of 30 minutes is required between events/programs. Please enter and exit the room in a timely manner to accommodate other group/s schedules. 


Events scheduled in room 114 are subject to the following:


    • Hours depend upon the schedule of the building, please check the Library hours

    • Starting 15 minutes after the last class of the day during Spring and Fall semesters,

    • Ending at 10:00 pm, if building schedule allows or 30 minutes before building closes.

    • If the event will have alcohol the university permit must be prior approved with all signatures and final copy in the library before the event. You can find the form here:

    • If the permit is not finalized the event will be cancelled.

    • If food is/was available for event, the responsibility for clean-up lies with the group/individual/department using the room.  Failure to clean up is subject to review by the Library Dean and/or Associate Deans.


       The following are prohibited in the Library

      Tape or other adhesives on walls, doors or windows.

      Open flames of any kind (exception of sternos used by food services).

      Covering of glass windows on room doors.

      Sand, straw or glitter

      Disarray of furniture (or moving, touching or tampering with artwork in any way).

      Also, anything prohibited in the Appalachian State University Policy Manual

      Violations of the regulations with regard to capacity, showing of films, or food and drink or ANY University Policy will result in the group being unable to use Library meeting rooms for the remainder of the semester upon the discretion of the Dean and Associate Deans of the Library.

Food and Drink 

Food & Drink setup and clean-up is the responsibility of the contact person/ group/department making the reservation and using the room (consider food set-up and clean-up time needed when requesting a room for a meeting where food will be available). 

Consider food clean-up time within 30 minutes of the ending reservation using the room.  The group/individual/department will be responsible for cleanup of food, spills and trash.

ALL Food items must be removed from the room and disposed of in the appropriate trash/recycle bins provided.  When food is delivered by Food Services, group/individual/department using the room must return all food items and dishes to Food Services cart/s, which will be in the hallway near the restrooms.


Alcoholic Beverages

With the prior approval of the Dean of Libraries or Associate Dean of Libraries, Alcoholic Beverages, limited to beer and wine, will be allowed during Special Events in areas designated for Socials and Receptions.  Appropriate request and approval form must be completed and approved with appropriate signatures before room request is completed.  If alcohol request form is not completed and approved WITH ALL SIGNATURES FINAL the room reservation will be cancelled. The form may be found on Academic Affairs website at this location

The Library will adhere to all Alcohol Policies outlined in the University’s Resource Manual which are found at this location .

For any event approved with alcoholic beverages the group/individual/department using the room has the responsibility to follow university policy to: clean up all food, spills and collect all trash removing it from the building immediately after the event all alcoholic beverage containers both empty and unopened. Failure to follow procedure is subject to review by the Library Dean and/or Associate Deans. 


AV and Public Performances of Films

Use of the room for public performances of films, regardless of the nature or source of the film, requires proof of compliance with the United States copyright laws and the University's policies with regards to film exhibitions.

The facility includes a Star Board, computer (Windows), projector, VHS player, DVD player, and wireless lapel and handheld microphones. Connections exist for the use of your own laptop.  AV equipment in the room can only be used if one member of the group has completed training with a library staff member.

For AV training contact:
 Katherine Alford sends e-mail) (828) 262-4972. 

Proof of public performance rights must be provided to Katherine Alford at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled event.  Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the reservation.

Please complete the Scheduling Request Form to request booking. The completion of this form does not insure room availability or event approval. 


To CANCEL an event, please do so with as much advance notice as possible and no less than 1 business day in advance by email to:  Andrea Tester