Lost & Found Policy

All library lost and found items are to be turned in at the library service desk. As items are turned in, they will be properly tagged and will be held for three weeks. Every effort will be made to notify the owner.

After three weeks, any items still unrecovered may be claimed by the person who found them.

Those items remaining unrecovered and unclaimed will be disposed of as follows:

  1. Valuables (e.g., jewelry) will be turned over to University Police.
  2. Clothing, toys, school supplies and other useful items will be taken to Hospitality House.
  3. Material from other libraries will be mailed back.
  4. Items that belong elsewhere on campus will be returned via intercampus mail.
  5. Books, movies, recordings, money and electronic storage devices will be considered library donations.
  6. Medication will be taken to the university pharmacy for proper disposal.
  7. All other items will be disposed of properly.

Revised 26 July 2009