The Library Has a New Website!

Screenshot of the library homepage

The library launched its new website over the weekend. We are joining the many colleges and departments around the university using the content management system Drupal. This software makes it easier for us to update and maintain the library websites.

Give Us Feedback!

We would love to hear what you think of the new library websites. We are constantly working to make our sites easier and more pleasant to use. We will continue fine-tuning the site based on our users' feedback.


We are missing this link on the homepage. We have questions at the desks about what room classes, etc. are taking place. Please put the event calendar back.

Hi Kelly -- Thanks for your suggestion! I have added a link to library events in the right sidebar.

--Jennie Goforth (web librarian)

I think the Course Reserve link should be much more prominent, as it used to be. I think students are having a hard time seeing it. They also have been telling me they are having trouble accessing my electronic reserves--I'm not sure why, because they have the password. Also the Captcha words are extremely hard to read.

thank you/

Hi Susan -- Thanks for your suggestions! There is a link to course reserves under "Popular Resources" on the homepage. And if you hover over "Find" in the main menu, you'll see that Reserves appears in the dropdown. I'm sorry your students are having trouble accessing the electronic reserves -- I will forward this comment to our reserves staff. We do know that the Captcha words are difficult -- spam is such a problem! We are investigating alternatives.

--Jennie Goforth (web librarian)

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