Library Budget Reduction Strategies FY 12/13

In fiscal year 11-12, the allocation to the Library's collection budget had to be reduced by $400,000, part of the overall $1.8 million reduction in library funding.

Since the library will not know about actual budget conditions until August 2012 or later, the library faculty has identified $400,000 worth of cancellations from the collection expenditures. The library has consulted widely with various groups including Faculty Senate and in depth with the Library Services Committee which has faculty, staff, and student members.

This website gives background information on the budget, the process, and the actual recommended cancellations. Please review this information and send feedback to University Librarian Dr. Mary Reichel ( or John Abbott, Coordinator of Collection Management ( by the end of the semester.

If the budget is not as bad as feared, the library will not make these cuts.

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