Next.... Tips on Surviving the End of the Semester!

The Library has a number of group study rooms to make collaboration before the big test or presentation a breeze. However, at the end of the semester, and especially during exam week, the 26 group study rooms we have fill up quickly.

Here are some tips to avoid the stress of the end of the semester crunch:

Book a group study room ahead of time. During this busy, busy time, there will be no room for "walk ins" so a reservation is a must. Here's the link: patient with folks leaving a little late or arriving a little early for their booking... everyone is stressed so be kind in the transition.If you have any difficulty with groups vacating the rooms at their appointed time, please come to the Main Circulation Desk for assistance and ask to speak to a manager. We will assist you with the transition.

Good luck on your Exams! Stay tuned for more tips....

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