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Farm City book cover

Since 1997, incoming freshmen at ASU have been asked to read a book as part of their orientation to Appalachian State University. By participating in the Summer Reading Program, students establish a common experience with other new students.

This years selection, Farm City, by Novella Carpenter, chronicles her efforts to live off the land in inner city Oakland. Her efforts to have a sustainable source of food for herself–with some for friends and neighbors as well-- sends her down a path inspired by Henry Thoreau, Euell Gibbons and her mother. The experiment to eat exclusively from her urban squat farm tries her will and ingenuity while bolstering her spirit with a sense of connection with all around her.

For information on this year's selection, and for related library resources, see the Summer Reading Book - Library Resources Guide. The author will be on campus September 6, 2012: See the list of events.

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