Lumbee Indians bibliography website relaunch

New Lumbee website

The Lumbee Indians: An Annotated Bibliography, a website that has been online since 2002, was relaunched today in an easier-to-use, database-driven format. The website provides references—most of them annotated—for sources about North Carolina's Lumbee Indians. The Lumbee Tribe is one of eight tribes recognized by the state of North Carolina and has had a limited form of federal recognition since 1956. There are 55,000 members of the Lumbee Tribe, most of them living in Robeson and adjacent counties of North Carolina.

The website has nearly 1,900 bibliography entries for sources in a wide range of formats. The emphasis is on published scholarly sources, but there are also numerous news sources, magazine articles, government publications, literary works, archival materials, and audio-visual sources. Over 1,000 of the sources were published, or discovered, after 1994. Around 750 of the sources first appeared in The Lumbee Indians: An annotated bibliography, with chronology and index (McFarland, 1994). The website was initiated as a supplement to this book. A grant from the Martha and Nancy Lee Bivens University Library Fund for Excellence paid for the data entry of the items from the book.

Most of the website content was written by Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling, Information Literacy Librarian and Professor. Over the years, extensive web development and support for the website's maintenance have been provided by several members of the Library's Technology Services Team. Library student assistants have written news annotations and performed data entry. The development of the new website has been ongoing since 2007.

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