Linking to Full-text Articles

The library provides many full-text resources through subscription databases and electronic journal collections. You may provide a link directly to most of these materials in AsULearn. Certain databases provide "stable," "Permalink," or "persistent" links for permanent access to these articles. See the image below as an example.

Note that some provide a "DOI" (digital object identifiers). The DOI links will take you to the full citation with a link to the .pdf and/or .html file of the full document.

PLEASE NOTE:  You or your students may have trouble accessing the resource from off-campus from a link you are providing in AsULearn. OR, you may also find that there are no stable URLs available in a database and the link you create may not be available after your session. For these, and any other issues with links, please report them to the library's e-resources problem ticket system and we will get back with you as quickly as we can and work to resolve the issues.

For further information about linking, please contact Andrea Leonard at or 828-262-7744.