Library Instruction Program: Course-Integrated Instruction

Information for Specific Courses

First Year Seminar (UCO 1200 and HON 1515)

First Year Writing (ENG 1000)

What Is Course-Integrated Instruction?

A course-integrated instruction approach allows librarians and classroom faculty to work together to introduce students to the library's resources for research.

The Library curiculum provides instruction in a variety of ways to meet the diverse information needs and learning styles of students.

What We Do

The content of the library instruction session will:

  • Be based upon assignments in the course
  • Include hands-on opportunity for students to begin their research.

How We Can Work With You

Information literacy instruction is most effective when it is integrated into your course. We will collaborate with you to:

  • Determine the most appropriate resources (print, electronic, AsULearn, web, etc.) for the instruction session.
  • Schedule library instruction when your students are working on their research assignments and are most motivated to learn.
  • Provide follow-up research assistance to your students after the library session via Ask a Librarian or RAP sessions as needed.
  • Create a Library Research Guide specifically for your course.

 Asulearn Modules

A number of How-To Video Tutorials are available and can be embedded in your AsULearn course as an activity (see how-to Google Scholar Video Tutorial).  For more information on having these tutorials and/or other resources please contact Megan Johnson ( or (828) 262.2823.  


Want to link to a specific database?
To link to a specific database in your course so it works on or off campus, put the corresponding database ID number from the listing in this table.

Want to link to just one article?  Cutting and pasting from a the address bar of your browser probably will not work in many library databases- most have a Permalink or (Permaneant URL=PURL) feature- find that link and paste it in and your students can log in on or off campus to read it.


Scheduling a Library Instruction Session

When your students have a research assignment, consider scheduling a library instruction session with a librarian. Students should have research topics before attending the library instruction session.

Requests for library instruction are submitted via the online Library Instruction Request Form.

Your Involvement

Your students will appreciate it if you are in attendance during the instruction session. The students need to hear from you about their assignments, resources and research expectations, and will likely have questions about the assignment.

Your librarian will request a copy of your assignment prior to the instruction session. Providing as much information as possible about the assignment (i.e. syllabus, description of assignment, number and types of sources required, etc.) will assist us in preparing for the instruction session.

Library Instruction Classrooms

The library has two electronic classrooms located on the Lower Level that are reserved for library instruction: Rooms 024 and 026. Each room is equipped with desktop computers and wireless access for laptops. Librarians primarily teach instruction sessions in the library classrooms but can come to your classroom for an instruction session if needed.