Group Study Rooms for Students

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Study Rooms are in high demand so booking a study room in advance is highly recommended!

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First Floor (Map)

Room #CapacityWindowWhiteboardComputerProjectorLCDOther
1554 X    

 Second Floor (Map)

Room #CapacityWindowWhiteboardComputerProjectorLCDOther
2145 XX   
2187  X XCollaborative Suite
2195 XXX  
2304 XXX  
2314 XXX  
2344 XXX  
2355 XXX Satellite, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray

 Third Floor (Map)

Room #CapacityWindowWhiteboardComputerProjectorLCDOther
30210XXX X 
3038XXX X 
3044 X    
3074 X    
3184 X    
3224 XX X 
3286 XX X 
3294 X    
3304 X    
3474 X    


Group Study Room Policy

Due to heavy usage demands, booking a group study room is highly advised.

Our system features:

  • One booking at a time, 4 hour maximum usage
  • Study Rooms no longer require a key for access
  • Usage on a first come, first serve basis unless booked by another

NOTE: Those with reservations do have preference for the room at their booking time. We ask that you cheerfully vacate the room to honor advanced bookings if you do not have the room booked for that period. For assistance with clearing a study room, please do not hesitate to come to any service desk for assistance. 

WARNING: Please do not leave anything in group study rooms of value since these rooms cannot be locked. Belk Library is not liable for lost or stolen items left unattended.

Cancellations: Due to heavy demand, please cancel a room booking if you find you cannot honor your booking.

Belk Library offers a number of rooms for small group study. These rooms are

  • available for ASU students, faculty, and staff
  • intended for groups of at least two people
  • for collaborative study
  • not to be used as classrooms


Call the Circulation Desk at (828) 262-2818.